Will burned stovetop wires on gas stove make oven not work

Will burned stovetop wires on gas stove make the oven not work? I don't see how, but considering a GAS stove has motherboards and other random electronics, I'm wondering if maybe the 3 burned stovetop burner wires could possibly have anything to do with the oven not working? I've already tested both and replaced one of the ignitors, tested the temperature sensor, checked continuity (with multimeter) of the gas safety valve… and now I've torn it down to chase the wires.

If it means anything, before the oven decided to not work, the last bake or two I smelled… paper? Burning? In the oven. There was no paper and no food was burned.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Oh… um… this is on a Kenmore model #790.71469700.


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