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STARTING PROBLEM Toyota 4 runner

I just bought a 1996 Toyota 4 runner that has a problem with the ‘steering wheel position and failure to start’. This is NOT some mechanical problem. It has to do with exactly where the steering wheel is turned. I do NOT hear any ‘clicking” or grinding of the starter. Complete silence. My neighbor helped me to buy the Toyota and he can start it every time. But, 80% of the time I can NOT start the Toyota. I never even heard of such a problem. please offer some suggestions as I can’t afford to send it to the dealership. Thank you

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Can you explain a little better? Are you saying that the key won't turn and you have to take pressure off of the steering wheel before the key will turn? That's what I am thinking you are saying. It sounds like the steering is bound up. You just have to turn the wheel one way or the other to release the tension and the key will turn.

Update (06/24/2020)

It sounds like you have a bad ignition switch. You need to buy a repair manual, you can get them from any auto parts store. Or go online and get the wiring diagram. Start at the ignition switch and check the power going into the switch. Then check to see if you have power coming out in the run circuit. Then you need to verify that you have power coming out in the start circuit. If you have power to both of those you need to see if you have power going through the clutch/neutral safety switch then through the starter relay and to the starter. You are losing power somewhere and you need to trace it. I would ask someone to help you if you don't understand electrical and how to read a wiring schematic/diagram.

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Ok. I can easily insert key in the ignition and easily turn the steering wheel. I can turn the key to the "start " position but the engine will not start for me, very often. Sometimes it will start and sometimes not. It's almost like there is a magic "sweet spot" on the steering wheel position, which is difficult to find.


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