980ti, Solved short but still not working

I have a EVGA 980ti SC which originally wouldn't turn on because of a short around the bottom two mosfets. I removed the two mosfets which solved the short, and the card no powers up but doesn't display. I also can't post from on board graphics when the card is installed. I was hoping you could help me figure out the next step to troubleshoot the card as I'm completely stuck.

I have attached pictures to this post.



Block Image

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Hi @smilerdean ,

I don't know the answer but you said that you removed the two mosfets, presumably because they were faulty, but you didn't say that you replaced them or found out why they were faulty.

They're there for a reason as normally manufacturers don't install components that aren't necessary for the circuit to operate correctly.

It would be easier to find out if there were other faulty components that caused the mosfets to go faulty if you had the schematics for the card otherwise you would have to start testing all the components individually in the area around the mosfets which may include removing them from the board to test in isolation. As you can appreciate this will be very time consuming.

Try searching online for "(insert board number of the card) schematics" to hopefully find them.


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