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Repair and disassembly guides for guitar amplifiers.

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Peavey VYPYR VIP 1 does not turn on.

The amp was 110v so i plugged it to 220v.

I changed the fuse but it didn't work. I noticed something strange about the power supply heatsink. What are the next steps to find the cause of the problem?

Block Image

Block Image

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@weqs ... according to your board, if you fix the issue that the 220v on a 110v caused, you can re wire the system to be rated at 220v. look at the power supply board next to the ac adapter. printed right there on the board. will need the proper components and research to do so. good luck.


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Whoa...lemme get this straight, you know your amp is 110v and you plugged it into a 220v on purpose? Now you're surprised it doesn't turn on?

That little black thing attached to the heatsink is a power transistor (To 220 I believe) and it has obviously seen a massive overvoltage and is fried…I’d start with that, but don’t be surprised if there’s more that needs to be replaced. That heatsink is strictly for the power transistor as they get very hot.

Good luck, you may need it…

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Thank you for your help!

Just one question: shouldn't the fuse protect the system?


the part could also be a voltage regulator chip.fuses are too slow to blow with present day semiconductors


@weqs Hi Wesley, unfortunately Rene below is correct, power has already surged thru the fuse by the time it breaks and this can cause a few items down the line to suffer overvoltage. It'll save you a ton of problems ($$$) by not frying the entire board(s), but it's just not possible to stop all damage.

The part you pictured IS a To 220 power transistor, I looked it up. Good luck, Stay Safe!


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