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Samsung Galaxy smartphone featuring a large display , and large font size.

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I dont know why my screen like this.why?

there some black line in screen.

Block Image

Block Image

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Has it been dropped? Do you put the phone in your pants pocket and sit down on it or the front pocket and sit down where the phone in twisted?


@barriphone sometimes it have been dropped.i always put out my phone when i sit down


@barriphone i dont know which part damage is that screen or conection cable.


Pull the back of the phone off and take off the mid frame. Unhook the battery then disconnect the screen connector and clean it with a qtip and alcohol put it back in tightly and hook the battery up and check it. It they are gone put it back together If not replace the screen. There are videos on ifixit and YouTube to show you how to do this.


@barriphone i think is not the screen conector poblem.. there some burn at corner screen


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It looks like there are 2 possibilities either the cable has a bad connection or the screen is damaged.

Update (06/19/2020)

If the corner is burnt it needs a new screen. This is a common problem with Samsung phones with the screens burning 9n images.

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