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Repair information for freezers.

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GE Defrost Thermostat Location (See Pic)

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I took the evaporator coil cover out of my GE Freezer (GNE29GSKSS) to inspect the coils for frost. I was wiping the top of the freezer down and accidentally unclipped the defrost thermostat. Please see pic and let me know if it should attach to the first or second tubing in the picture provided. I reclipped it for the pic but I’m not sure if that’s where its supposed to go. Thanks!

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Hi @mjm05 ,

It should be mounted on pipe 2, not that I think it matters much as in some refrigerator freezers it is mounted on the evaporator itself.

The defrost thermostat operates when the freezer air temperature is ~>32 F (0 C) to signal the control board to stop the defrost cycle and to start the compressor again to cool things back down to 0 F (-18 C).

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Thanks for the help!


And doesn't matter it reaches the temperature of 50° and it restarts the compressor when it gets down around 35 it closes ,so the heaters will work when the defrost timer starts


Hi @ tony pennington

If it is a bi-metal thermostat, the specifications should be printed on the thermostat's case.

Operating at ~50°F might be OK because it is measuring the temp on the evap unit or the piping where it is attached to and not the ambient air temp as you wouldn't want the food to even begin to defrost but it should release again at about 25°F to be ready for the next defrost cycle.

It may depend on the thermostat's specs but I think that 35°F is a little high


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