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A wireless, more traditional, video game controller produced by Nintendo for the Switch system. Model number: HAC-013.

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Left Joystick sends "down" data; 3D detecter "inversed"/broken?


I have a problem with my Switch Pro Controller.

Left Joystick is sending the data “Down”.

But, I opened my controller as far as I could, and seems to be an issue on the “rotation detecters”, inversed/broken; or the motherboard is broken ?

Here’s my internal joystick.

Block Image

I suppose the blue-green piece at right is for up/down motion

And on the bottom, this is for left/right motion


The piece at right seems to be unusable


The strangest thing, it’s when there is “contact” on the bottom piece (which should control Left/Right motion, not Up/Down) that I have the “Down” data sent.

Look at the photo : it’s when I put this little circle piece that I have the issue.

Block Image

When I fill it in, BOUM, it sends the Down data.

I don’t know what to do.

Change just the blue-green piece ?

I don’t understand how it’s possible to have this issue.

Maybe my motherboard or the connections are broken ?

Here is a picture :

Block Image

Thanks for reading

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Tbh I always replace the entire joystick when this happens. The costs are pretty low. The only thing is that you need some experience with desoldering and soldering. And if you replace it, make sure you remove the old solder and clean it.

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Thanks koppie !

Oh boy, I'm afraid I'm not the best in this job, and seems to be quite difficult to desolder these contacts properly.

But I think I'll have to try, 'cause in the other case, the controller is still dead...


Yeah, you just need a copper wick/braid and remove all the solder. Make sure all contacts are solder free, otherwise you won’t get it out. Take your time here. When it’s freed, solder the new one in. I don’t think they sell the joystick in parts (anyway hard to find). You can always bring it in at a local repair shop to get it fixed. But I guess you will be proud when you will fix it by yourself :).


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