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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Powering on a 2013 15’ MacBook Pro WITHOUT the power button?


I recently bought a broken 2013 MacBook Pro 15‘.

It seems to charge fine but won’t power on when I press the power button. The previous owner spilled water onto the keyboard but there are no signs of water damage present, he said he used it for about a year after the spilling but the keys feel kind of crunchy tho and I think the keyboard might be toasted.

Now the important question:

How can I power on this MacBook Pro without the keyboard?

PowerPads? If yes, where are they? They‘re not where they used to be in the mid 2013 MacBook Pro 15‘.

Shorting some Pins on the Keyboard connector? If yes: which do I have to short?

Some other tricks?

Please let me know!

Update (06/08/2020)

Okay, I didn’t get it to turn on.

It‘s the dual graphics one. I think the Logicboard might be dead.

When I plug in MagSafe the LED is orange for a second, green for about 3 second and then stays on orange. When it switches from the short first orange phase to green it makes a very, VERY quiet click. It‘s only audible when you take the bottom cover off and put your ear close up to the Logicboard.

I have a little experience of Board repair (from the Nintendo Switch).

What could be the problem?

I‘d love to hear some kind of solution.

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Which version do you have the intergraded graphics (IG or the discreet graphics (DG) model?


If the board number is 820 – 3476 Pin 6 on the battery connector is what you are after. But somehow I think you have other problems.


It should turn on by itself with the keyboard and battery unplugged and charger connected. If not there is a bigger problem than just a bad keyboard here.


You need to start with a visual examination of the logic board for corrosion. If you find corrosion you will have to replace the component and or rebuild the traces.

Next you will have to start checking all the power rails starting with PPBUS_G3H. You don’t have to worry checking PP3V42_G3H as you have a magsafe light.


There is no Water damage visible on the board, I‘ll start checking the power rails. Thanks!


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I think you’ve gone as far as you can without having the needed schematics and boardview drawings.

Even still I think you really need to spend some time reviewing Louis Rossmann’s YouTube vids as he gets deep into logic board repairs.

The other option here is replacing the logic board, while expensive maybe the better direction unless you can find someone with the deeper skills to fix yours.

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I have ordered the same working MacBook Pro without screen for 100€, it should arrive tomorrow. I have already watched hundreds of Louis Rossmann videos, so I’m pretty well informed about that. I watched all the videos he made about this model but couldn’t find any faults.


@danj Where can I find the board number on my locicboard so I know which schematics to get?


The Logic board number for the DG boards is same for both 2.3 & 2.6 GHZ CPU's - 820-3787


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