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Budget 15" laptop series released by HP.

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Dropped laptop now shows BSOD?

I very stupidly dropped my laptop recently, and the display stopped working. I removed the back cover and bezel to look for any obvious damage but couldn’t see any. When I put them back on however, the screen works and can log in, but then I can’t click on anything and a blue screen comes up almost immediately showing ‘driver IQRL not less or equal’ and storport.sys failed. Any help much appreciated!

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Replace the drive - once you drop it and have errors like this, it is likely due to physical damage. While you can install another spinning drive, SSDs are so cheap it no longer makes sense unless your budget doesn’t allow or it’s bulk storage. The computer will likely never close or come apart for repair the same way where it was dropped, so take extra care near the damage point. Expect some parts of the plastic to chip away and clips that break when taken apart.

You will need to purchase reinstall media from HP (or a third party vendor like Computer Surgeons if you cannot find them on eBay) if you cannot get it to stay stable long enough to make your own recovery DVDs, if you have not done it yet. For Win8/10, use the Media Creation Tool first - it will usually pull the product key and all most vendors do is add the $OEM folder to their media to find it- which you can do yourself with a similar option - add OEMSetupComplete with a slipstreaming tool like NTLite.

NOTE: HP media usually requires a matching capacity drive or larger - especially the Win7 CyberLink media. This is an 8/10 machine, so you may be able to get away with not buying any.

The service manual can be found here. This is a bottom top machine that requires less disassembly, but uses a lot of screws to hold the bottom on. There is a iFixit guide as well.

250 GB SSD Afbeelding


250 GB SSD


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Thanks for the advice! Sorry I meant to put the model in the original question: it's a 15-af152sa.

I'm wondering whether I'm best off looking into a new laptop anyway really, rather than spending more on this one, but don't want to throw money away if thos can be fixed relatively cheaply. Your help is really appreciated :)


@becca_jayne It isn't a bad machine on paper CPU wise with the AMD A8 APU. The Carizzo-L core is still a descent CPU - certainly better then the Trinity core in the machines that are harder to work on. With these budget AMD machines, most of them are held back with a spinning drive and you have a 1TB 5400rpm - likely the Seagate Spinpoint (they look like Samsung Spinpoints, but they are not; they're Seagates under the cover) since HP used those until Seagate dumped the Samsung assets they didn't want.


That's interesting, I'm definitely no expert on computers but this laptop has certainly not caused me any problems over the few years I've had it, so it probably is worth rescuing. I'll do some research into replacing the drive


@becca_jayne Those Seagate Spinpoint drives are known to fail. They don't all fail, but they're a far cry from the pre-Seagate ones. They say Samsung Spinpoint, but have a ST model - which is the point you know it's not a true Spinpoint. It may have had an issue dropping it accelerated.

I'm no fan of HP consumer hardware, but you already own the machine. If you're happy with it, it doesn't make sense to scrap it unless you're due for a upgrade out of necessity.



Thanks for your help. Realistically I just don't know enough about this kind of thing to feel comfortable doing it myself, so may think about waiting until repair places open again and I can take it in somewhere. Thanks very much again!


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