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Released September 21, 2018. Models A1920, A2097, A2098, A2100. Available as GSM or CDMA / eSIM or nano-SIM / 64, 256, or 512 GB / Silver, Gold, or Space Gray. (Pronounced "iPhone 10 S.")

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The touch screen does not work after a software update I did a softwa

The touch screen does not work after a software update

I did a software update on my iPhone XS and now the touch screen does not work. It has the original screen on it. I would appreciate any help

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Don't do anything yet I will ask a few people and see if we can figure it out.

Update (06/09/2020)

My friends said to take it to a Apple store. If it quite after the update then Apple should warranty it. It's something to check on.

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Try to do a hard reset or a restore one more time. If this wil not fix it then the best you can do is go to Apple, is it still under waranty?

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Thank you - unfortunately the reset restore did not work and it is not under warranty - do you think a screen replacement would work?


You can ask the repair shop if a new screen would not fix this problem if they can put back the original screen without any cost.


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