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color card no monitor.

My old xt has only a color card and a mono card. I have no monitor. I have a vga monitor and an old at computer with a vga monitor and card.

the vga card is not compatible with the xt computer.

silly question, could I run both computers and simply disconnect the rgb wires from the working at computer and connect only the rgb wires from the xt color card.

im not wanting good graphics, just readable.

the thought I had was that the vga monitor would use the syncs from the at computer to display the video from the xt computer.

I know sounds silly but any ideas?

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Hi @whymewhyme ,

Intrigued by your question and found this which may be of interest to you.

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Thanks. Lots of converters on the internet already made, about 50 dollars. I only need to tell if my xt is working so I can sell it. I noticed video on my oscilloscope and the video changes as the board starts up. Probably says error, keyboard or no floppy drive. Maybe I can sell it to someone with an old monitor. Not sure where to go with this. An xt is no good , too old to use as computer. But worth lots.

I may just put it away for 20 years or so. Lol.


problem sort of solved. i found an at computer with a 16 bit ega vga card.

pluged it into my xt 8 bit slot with half the pins out.

works on vga monitor.


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