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The Apple Watch Series 1 is a revamp of the original Apple Watch, announced September 7, 2016. Most of the parts are the same as the Series 2

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Snowy,unresponsive,distorted display before & after screen replacement

I have Apple Watch series 1, 42mm. It had showing display as snowing and unresponsive all the time and most of the time unless we force restart and after Apple logo it start to showing snowing unresponsive. We thought it could be screen issue. We replaced the brand new screen LCD+glass but it was showing normal display for few hours and charging. But after it showing unresponsive, distorted display and snowy again. In the attached two photos there are two different display is showing. Do you know what could be solution possibly please ?

Block Image

Block Image

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I don’t think it did work. I clean with isopropyl the display golden connection gently and also tried to check with new battery but display is stuck as snowy as I uploaded image earlier.

Any other thought to do ?

Possibly watch circuit is damaged as original screen was also showing snowing display.


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Try to clean all of the connections with a qtip and alcohol and a soft brush. Make sure there isn't any corrosion and if there is make sure to clean it but do it gently. Try that

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