My pc is on and connected but monitor reads no signal detected

The gpu, monitor and hdmi cable are all brand new… and sometimes it will connect and im able to play but when i turn it off it wont connect back , i have a msi gtx 1050 ti gpu, asus p5kc motherboard, intel xeon x3220 cpu quad core, 2 sticks of 2 gb ram, a velocity micro power supply, and a western digital 250 gb hard drive, by the way i built it myself… kinda frankensteined it

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What OS is installed?

Have you got the latest BIOS firmware installed? Only mention this because the CPU is not on the supported CPU list for the motherboard.

Has the motherboard got a system speaker connected, just to verify that the PC is passing POST when it fails to have video output to the montor? (see p.2-39 for connection details)

Does the GPU card have different output options that you can try that are compatible with the monitor e.g. HDMI and DVI?


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