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A personal computer that resides in one location with its core components inside a case separate to third-party peripherals required for operation, such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

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Blue question mark near drive

Hi, 2 days ago my ssd ejected from my pc and I don't know how. The drive cannot be found in drive manger or device manager, and only place where i can see it is in file explorer and it has a blue question mark near it. I cannot acces properties, but i do have an option to scan it with windows defender and when i choose that it shows me all the folders in the drive but i can't access them nor scan them. I have family photos on that drive and I don't want to lose them.

Things to know:

5 people use this pc everyday

It's not a bad pc

The ssd was near full

On this ssd windows aren't running they are on a different one

Somwhere i saw to acces hidden devices, but i can't find the drive

People also say to change drive letter, but I can't because I can't find it

Edit: sorry for bad English and thanks in advance

Really hope i won't lose the data

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Device manager\view\show hidden devices

Click disk drives again and find it (it should be greyed out)

Right click on it a choose uninstall device

Turn off your pc and then plug out the power cable

Open up your pc

Disconnect and reconnect your drive

Turn it on again and it should be fixed

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Glad that it’s resolved! Sorry for the late response (just saw your comment below at this moment).


You responded and for that thank you.


Thank you so much! I was dealing with this issue for a few hours 11:00pm to 1:00am since achi wouldn't work with my sata hard drive but i went back from raid to achi and it works! (:


The files that in missing drive d if i do that it will be deleted or it stays?


U just save my life, tysm<3


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Did you already checked “Disk Management” ? If yes, what kind of information do you get from there? You can also assign or change the drive letter here!

What is the brand of the SSD? Please download and run the manufacture it’s software (for Samsung it’s Samsung Magician as example) and see what the application tells you.

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I checked disk management and there is my other ssd, an external hard drive on which i download movies,2 disk 0 partitions and a wd smartware virtual disk that came with the external drive. I'll attach a photo so you can see. None of those are my missing drive because it has 320GB and these have less or more. The missing one is labeled F:

The SSD is WD3200BEVT and the software i have is wd smartware and i can't find the missing disk there, but i don't think it's up to date cause it's only version


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