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A wireless, more traditional, video game controller produced by Nintendo for the Switch system. Model number: HAC-013.

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Why is my pro controller not charging?

Hello all,

This is my first time here. I have a Pro Controller that has been laying around for a while because there was an issue with it but I never took care of it until now. However, I do have a lot of information on what is wrong with it.

First, how I got here. I disassembled my NS Pro at night and I left it all the parts out on a table for 1 day since I didn’t have time to finish it. I eventually did what I needed to do which was modifying the D-pad (I added tape to the corners so that it wouldn’t misinput as often). Then I tried charging it, it worked and I left it overnight. However, back then I used my Macbook Pro charger to charge my pro controller. Usually, nothing would go wrong. When I woke up in the morning, the bottom of the controller was warm and it was still charging. I unplugged it, and when I tried plugging it back in, no “orange light” appeared, meaning that it wasn’t charging/it was full. Then when I pressed a button to see if the green LED lights showed up, they didn’t show up either. I took it apart to see if I had missed anything or any pieces (which I didn’t) and then I came to a conclusion with the help of my friends. I tried replacing the battery by using a 3DS battery that I bought from Amazon, and two things happened. The first battery, died a couple of minutes after I put the battery in the controller. I thought the battery was low so I assumed it was the batteries fault, however it was shorted. Then I tried another 3DS battery, and I immediately plugged a charger into my NS Pro. The orange light showed up, and it showed that it was charging. I left it like that for around 20 minutes and when I unplugged it (I had to go somewhere) it died within a couple of minutes. It’s either that the NS Pro is shorting batteries that get inserted, or I’m just not charging the battery for long enough. I really hope that I’m able to get my controller fixed soon, if you happen to have a solution or need me to do some testing, please let me know in detail (I won’t know what exactly to do if you just tell me to:

“Disassemble the NS Pro and test (with multimeter):

- The battery;

- Test the energy port;”

Images would help me out a lot. I thank you all in advance for your time and help.

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did you ever try charing it with a normal USB to USB-C cable? or did you have it plugged into a wall charger? quite possibly the mobo could be fried somehow and that’s why it’s shorting your other batteries. Just a hunch but I’ve seen this happen with PS4 controllers before at my job.

Nintendo say to fully charge a controller it takes 6 hours, but even at half charge you should still get an LED indication…

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I have a USB to USB-C cable but when I plugged it in to my NS Pro (to see if the battery was truly shorted) nothing happened. I haven't tried getting a new battery, then charging it with the USB to USB-C cable and letting it sit for a while. I've been told that it's most likely a motherboard issue but I don't know how to exactly diagnose it.

Also, about the "Nintendo say to fully charge a controller it takes 6 hours, but even at half charge you should still get an LED indication…" part, when I was charging my NS Pro through a wall charger after replacing its battery, I looked through the Switch console and the battery level was red. I should've given it more time, I might try it again if you think it's worth a shot.


Mm, I don’t think charging it for longer will help. It really does sound like something on the mobo has gone :/ unfortunately I haven’t gotten into a pro controller so I can’t help you any further. Hopefully someone else can though, otherwise you might just have to get a new one.


@aussiepandah Yeah I'm trying to avoid buying a new one because not only is a NS Pro expensive but it's also not perfect (drift/dust on the joystick and inconsistent D-pad). I believe that it shouldn't be too difficult to fix the issue after watching some of TronicsFix's videos, that's why I'm hoping someone knows how to do so. My speculation is that there's a short somewhere. I can get access to a multimeter, but I wouldn't know where to look for the short. Thank you for your help.


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