adding wireless charging but need to know charging specs

I have an older kindle on it’s last legs and the usb port fell off. I’d like to just skip replacing it since it’s fallen off so many times and add a wireless charging receiver for cheap instead.

Since the fire draws 1.8A, i have a 2A rated charger (check) but if I go with a 600mA receiver will it run hot when i charge? or will it just take a long time to charge up the battery? For me, it’s ok if I charge it over night like i do my phone.

If i buy a 1000mA charger do I run the risk of a fire hazard or basically the kindle will only draw 1A max due to the limitation of the wireless receiver?

Second, anyone have thoughts on where i can wire the 5V+ (pin1 on USB port) to the amazon kindle fire 1st gen?

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