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Repair and service information for the microscope, an instrument used to see objects that are too small for the naked eye.

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Best type of scope for microsoldering


I have recently purchased a laser machine for back glass removals, and

i’m looking at the next lot of kit to save up for and purchase. I want to setup for microsoldering. So will need a decent microscope which i can both hook up to a monitor/laptop and be able to look down. Have seen AmScope crop up quite a bit, but want to get an idea from what regular users have experience with.

Will also want to know the compatible cameras/led rings that go with what ever is reccomended.


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Hey Folks,

I was reading a repair guide right here on iFixit, for an Apple product, may have been a MacBook Pro screen, I don't remember the exact article. But, I'm 100% positive the guide made reference to an Amscope, could have been an SE400. I 'happened' upon a Meiji for $90, including a stethoscope & blood pressure pump! What a steal. When I researched the Meiji, it retailed for around $900. That was like 2019 or so. It came with a few lens & adapters. It is a superior product, but when it came to PCB's, component level soldering, electronics, etc, I think the $300 Amscope may be better for distancing. There are lots of digital USB scopes on fleabay for the cheap, like between $20-$75 & up. They hookup to a PC or Mac, and also includes stitching apps for like photogrammetry. Lots of choices out there now to fit any budget. I just love the idea of seeing a triple layer board with traces so up close that it looks like a sidewalk under lens, lol! There you have it peeps that's my $0.02 and I'm sticking to it, thanks, Damian.

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