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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Folder Question Mark & MacBook doesn't recognize the SSD Internal

My problem is that the mac does not recognize the ssd. Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. In the apple support they told me that it was the ssd and that I lost everything cause it was all damaged. Even that, I've been capable of saving everything because the mac recogized again the ssd. After that I changed the sdd but the problem still remains. Sometimes the mac recognize the disk and I reinstall the Macos and everything seems fine. But then, stops working and does not recognize the ssd again.

How to solve the problem of my MacBook?

Thank you for your answer anyway!

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Let’s give this a try setup an external bootable drive (something you can use for awhile) Ideally a thunderbolt drive like: Samsung X5.

Now we need to make it the boot drive go into your preferences > Startup Disk. Now restart your system with the external connected it should now be the first listed drive on your desktop.

Migrate your apps & stuff over and use your system this way for a week or so. Is it stable or still failing? Let us know!

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Okay, I'll try your advice. I will just try to make an external bootloader

But with the condition of my MacBook, it shows damage to where? Because I already bought a new SSD, I think there is damage in his SSD

Thank you in advance


This is a diagnostic process, By using a different drive interface we are isolating down if the internal drive interface to the systems logic has failed.

At this point I just don't know what the problem is I'm hoping this will aim us to the area we need to look deeper into.


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Just restart with the Control + Option + Shift + Power button.

Then press Option and wait a bit till you see the drive / or not )))

If not - your drive is out of order and Apple have a replacement program for 128 and 256 Mb drives for A1708.

If you see the drive then, my guess, you’ve cloned the drive and somewhere in the middle restarted from the source drive which screw the internal structure of the cloned and now internal drive.

You can just restart with the Control + Option + Shift + Power button and it will boot without problem nor you need to push the option key again - it will boot just fine. Most probably after the next shutdown situation will repeat itself but just reboot with those keys and continue. Please refer to for illustration purposes.

Or reformat and reinstall everything from the scratch.

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You need an external bootable drive when the system is in this condition. The recovery partition is damaged here as it would have automagically booted up under it, if it could.

FYI - The correct combo keys are located here: Mac startup key combinations and here About macOS Recovery


@danj nope, the recovery partition is still there and totally fine. But the volume structure is messed up indeed, which leads to the described condition. It happen on my watch a few times already mostly with those drives with the adapter. Also sometimes, after the forced restart, you have to press option and choose the drive but in most cases just a forced restart will get the system up and running, which would never happen if some partition would have been damaged, right?

Dan, could you please provide the correct combo keys for the forced restart procedure since that one is missing on those linked pages. I normally use Control+Option+Command+Shift+Power button, which works, but it seems I can't find the reference for such a combo )))


@Seff Ka - No I've seen this a few times! The recovery partition is nuked with the running partition. This is an issue with High Sierra and how APFS Gen1 worked. You need to get to Mojave which has APFS Gen3 (Gen2 was not released). One of the reasons I don't recommend High Sierra!

As far as forced restart pressing the power button alone for a good 20 sec's or so will do it if your system is frozen or you are getting the pinwheel.

Are you talking about resetting SMC? How to reset the SMC of your Mac


@danj no, I am talking about not resetting the SMS but forced reboot, reboot out of anything but much "softer" kind than just pushing the Power Button for 20 seconds. Control+Option+Command+Shift+Power is what I use here for that. Just one press and that is it, no holding it for any prolonged time. Hopped you know this combo.

I saw the described in this case behavior on the Catalina's powered A1708. Messed up structure was visible through the Disk Utility but only when the cloned source was also connected. The internal disk looked as two discreet drives of the same size and content in that case but having different names, one of which is "Untitled" and second - the name of the system disk. Without the clone the disk looks normal and behaves to all test as completely fine volume in perfect state of health.

I am not trying to argue with you Dan, but just described already experienced situation and offered the solution which does not involve anything drastic and which could be tried right away. This solution does not "fix" anything per se though, it just deals with the familiar symptoms. Actually I have such a behaving system right here right now ) and writing the same memo to the owner.


@Seff Ka - Just use the Apple menu 'Restart', if you want to just kill a single app go to the dock icon of the given app hold the click down on it and then press the Option key ''Force Quit" should show, up slide to it and let go.

Catalina has its own issues! It was not a stable release Stick with Mojave. Maybe by the time Big Sur shows up Catalina will gets its bugs worked out. I for one will be sticking with Mojave on my 2013 Mac Pro and 2015 15" MacBook Pro systems and using Sierra on my 2012 15" MacBook Pro.


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