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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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My MacBook Santa Rosa does not boot

Hi, Guys! Please if anyone could help, I would be very thankful!

Macbook 2.2 Santa Rosa A1181 does not boot.

1) With battery installed, I connect Magsafe power adaptor then its lights turns green and when I press power button, nothing happens not even a noisy. Nothing at all;

2) Without battery same issues occurs. Green light on magsafe power adaptor and nothing else.

3) Only with battery: pressed power button and nothing happens;

4) Tried to use another battery (that is surely working) and the same happens: light green on magsafe and nothing else;

5) Tried to use another magsafe power adaptor that is surely working and the same occurs;

6) Put the battery in another macbook and the battery does not charge;

7) Without battery, connected magsafe power adaptor, green light shows up. Then insert battery: green light changed to orange then returned to green. First battery light on (green) then off.

Would be the problem with Magsafe DC-in board? Or the problem is the logic board?

And I think will have replace the battery too.

Thanks in advance,


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It appears you have a second machine to test with. Download and run Coconut battery on both batteries.

If you battery runs all the way down on this machine it will nit start till it has about a 20% charge. Once you know you have a good battery, reset the SMC

SMC reset for Mac laptops with a removable battery

• Shut down the computer.

• Disconnect the MagSafe power adapter from the computer, if it’s connected.

• Remove the battery.

• Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.

• Release the power button.

• Reconnect the battery and MagSafe power adapter.

• Press the power button to turn on the computer.

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Thanks, Mayer!

Your procedure will let me analyze the battery that is very good!

But the macbook is not working even without the battery and it should... Don't you think there is a problem with Magsafe DC-in board or with logic board (which is very expensive...)?


With all due respect Mr.Yang, Resetting the SMC as Mr Mayer suggested is the first step and a probe at investigating what is going on with the DC-in board and logic board/motherboard. Did you attempt that maneuver with poor results? Please tell us. By the way, your original question is well worded and thought out. I wish all questions here were as such.


Thanks ABCellars! I will contact my friend that has a macbook which was used to test my battery and from which I took the battery to test in mine. And I ask you and Mr. Mayer to apologize me for my bad english. When I wrote "Your procedure will let me analyze the battery that is very good!" I meant "It is very good to know a procedure (program) which will let me analyze the battery!" Thank you very much again! As my friend took my battery to test it with his macbook I am not sure what really happened. He took the battery and two days later he told me that the battery was not charging. I will ask him again.


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I would put the batteries aside for the moment, since the bigger issue is a non-working computer, and messing with batteries will only cloud the issue.

A1181 DC-ins generally don't go bad, and especially when they are able to glow green they are generally good.

Between those two parts I would definitely lean toward the logic board being the problem, but first I would verify the topcase connector is firmly seated. Also, I'd try the topcase on the other machine, and the other machine's topcase on this one. You want to verify you definitely have a good topcase. The DC-in lights you mentioned don't necessarily sound like anything is wrong, so it's possible your topcase is just not triggering the power, or that you have a bad one (liquid damaged, etc.) You can also trigger the power-on pads on the logic board in order to see if the machine powers without a topcase. Also, most A1181s will power on automatically if you connect the AC adapter while the topcase is disconnected.

Beyond that, I'd re-seat the RAM, and try one slot empty, then the other slot empty to verify you don't have a bad slot, which is very common in A1181s and can result in no power when the bad slot is occupied.

I'd also examine the logic board with a flashlight and see if there is any visible corrosion from liquid damage which you can clean with q-tips and 91% rubbing alcohol.

Have you ever seen this machine working, or did it come to you in this condition?

Good luck!

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Thanks rdklinc! I have not seen this machine working but I know it was working because it belonged to another friend. I will try to disconnect the topcase and check if the macbook powers on. Tx again!


Hello, rdklinc! I opened my macbook and check if topcase connector was firmly seated. It was. Then I disconnected the topcase and connect AC adapter but it did not power on automatically. I would try to trigger the power-on pads but I could not locate them. Now I will ask my friend if I could test the topcase in his macbook...


Hello, rdklinc! I have found power-on pads! Thank you again since I only found it because you have answered another question last year and you have post a picture and described where they are located! My macbook have powered-on! And the problem is with topcase! Thank you very much!!


Way to go rdkl. If his answer resolved your issue, please return and accept it.


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