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HP desktop released in 2012. Comes in Intel or AMD configurations.

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Where can I purchase factory recovery media/download images? p7-1227c

I need the following set for this machine: Windows 7 64 Bit Recovery Kit C4G69AV

When I got this computer, the owner wanted the hard drive and already burned recovery DVDs, with one of the 3 I got with it having a possible burn error - nor can I make another set I trust. As such, I am trying to locate factory recovery DVDs for the machine since the way HP protects against making a 2nd set is well hidden. You can’t find them on eBay either - I checked. I want to bring it back to Windows 7 because I have a 8.1 desktop already and I have some programs that may prefer/require it.

So far I have ordered some from PC Connect Store and my order was cancelled - likely because I ordered something they haven’t stocked in years or have none on hand for now. Next place…

I found a way to order the DVDs from HP with a link from another PC (same set) but I need to change the model out and I can order 1227c media. $45+shipping, so the price is on the high end.

I have found a site with the media but it’s $34 with shipping added on. That’s still a bit too much as a first choice, but it’s a matched model set.

Is there any place I can download media for this machine that’s known to work? The build ID is 12NA1MRW601.

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Just download Windows 7 64bit, install and activate it with the code on your computer case.

All the drivers are on the HP website.

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The August 2018 images are too big for a standard DVD-R, so now you need DVD+R DL. Not an issue for most since these will be put on 8-16GB flash drives, but an FYI. You need a OEM packaged DVD to get the 4.7GB compatible image and potentially need to do the ei.cfg modification.

I also found a potentially compatible generic HP SLIC recovery set online for download as well - but it requires DVD+R DL. It passed the checks up until the hard drive which is expected.

The hard drive has 36k hours and it wasn't worth trying to make a backup elsewhere - I can buy a new one for $50.


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