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Model A1989, EMC 3358. A refresh of the existing design, with updated processor options and a change to the keyboard materials. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released in May 2019.

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MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar 2019 - CONSTANT ISSUES? Advice needed.

Hi, I have a new 2019 13” MacBook Pro.

I bought it less than 3 months ago and Apple have had to already replaced the LCD screen due to lines across the screen (not accidental damage, just hardware defect as known as Flexgate). After receiving the MacBook back after being repaired, it is now over heating to the point it is shutting itself down.

The MacBook will become warm after 20 minutes of use, after several hours of use of simply browsing the internet it will shut itself down. I did not have this issue before the LCD screen was replaced.

I rang Apple support who checked the Diagnostics and when it came to the fan checks, they seemed to be working fine. I now am having to send the MacBook back for repairs but I have been told I run the risk of them not being able to find a fault as nothing showed on Diagnostics whilst checking over the phone and I was told I run the risk of them not finding any fault.

I don't think this is normal for a 3 month old product I have been advised that Apple will not replace the model and keep insisting that they can only repair and not replace. I'm really not happy with the current model due to its history, and if stores were open I would expect a refund or replacement, the product is clearly not fit for purpose and I have not been able to use the product for 3 weeks and counting.

Has anyone else had any similar experience with MacBook Pro 2019? I feel like I have been treated unfairly by the Trillion dollar company, Apple. I bought my MacBook on finance with the idea that it would last years, not 3 months.

I’m really feel at a loss being stuck in a credit agreement and having to deal with fault after fault for a 3 month old £1200 product.

Appreciate the support in advance,

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You really have no choice here sorry ;-{

You’ll need to ship it to Apple to be looked at again.

But before you do that! You need to show them the defect. The first step is to simplify the OS and apps config remove as much as you can of any auto loading apps and make sure your OS is uptodate.

Now install this app TG Pro. you will need the full version here. That gets you logging. Enable it:

Block Image

Hopefully you can collect enough events that can clearly show the problem. Now the fun part as you want to print out a nice spreadsheet & graph so its plan as day whats happening. Make note at each timepoint what app is being used.

If you can capture an Activity Monitor diagnostic at the time point you encounter the event. Locate it under the Activity Monitor menu: View > Run System Diagnostics…

Printout the TG Pro files and place a folder on the desktop where it can be seen by the tech a folder with the files. If you have a throw away thumb drive make a copy of the files on it and tape it with your printouts in a folder with your name and systems S/N on it.

Of course may a backup of all of your stuff and this as well and delete anything sensitive.

I would even have a friend witness you packing it up to ship your system off. As you can’t go directly to an Apple Store right now.

If you get it back without anything done or even if they say they fixed it and it clearly isn’t working again. Its time to collect your rapid paperwork either get your money back or get another system as this one is a lemon.

Let us know how it goes!

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I'd love to see what you pull together as well, post it here as well Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


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