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De Xbox draadloze controller 7MN-0001, vervaardigd door Microsoft Corporation, is de meest gebruikte controller voor Xbox-spelcomputers en kan ook in combinatie met pc's worden gebruikt.

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My joystick doesn’t work anymore what should I do to fix it?

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in a fit of gaming induced rage I decided it would be a good idea to slam the controller against my knee. It feels like it’s not attached and won’t stay in the middle will I need to buy a new controller or can I fix this?

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Best bet would be to pick up a cheap Torx t8 security screw driver and take the screws off the controller and try and reseat the controller stick. There are two screws in each handle and one hidden behind the label on the battery pack.

There are many tutorials online about how to do it without breaking your controller, which is very hard stuff up, you'll be fine.

My right joystick is slightly moving up

Hope my answer helps you some way.

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