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Device and repair information for the Dell XPS 13 laptop models 9343 and 9350, which were both released in 2015.

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Looking for experiences of swollen battery replacement, fire

My Dell battery is swollen, but not hot. I’ve searched and found the “What to do with a swollen battery.” I’ve run the battery down and it’s not connected to power. I have it on a nonflammable surface and would like to try to remove and replace it myself (especially given the present world situation). I’m looking for advice, especially from people who’ve had experience, with unscrewing the T5 screws, the un/likelihood of fire if I don’t puncture, etc. I’m studying up on safety, etc. but just am looking for helpful tips, do’s/don’t’s. Thank you!

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Chemical reactions slow down when cooled. If you have access to a cooler and some dry ice you could try cooling the system down, just don’t freeze it! Use a good digital thermometer to monitor its temp.

Wear cotton clothing just in case. Wear a face shield and leather gloves working outside. Place your self upwind so the vapors and smoke goes away from you.

Loosen all the screws before removing them, don’t rush just don’t stop until you get the battery out.

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