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How to use an engraver on stripped screw?

Hi all,

I have started to attempt to repair things as a hobby and strip some screws from time to time.

Unfortunately one screw has stripped completely on a pair of beats I was working on I tried the rubber band and glue method to no avail.

I am awaiting a delivery of an engraver as I read on here some people have had success with these.

Does anyone have any experience with using an engraver to fix a stripped screw how did it go?

Any videos to share of one being used?


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Are you talking about a Dremel?


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Never heard of using a Hand Engraver to take a screw out.

I often use a left hand drill or a screw extractor like these Precision Screw Extractor Set to remove smaller screws used in computers. I also find using a soldering iron to heat the screw up can also help to soften thread lock.

The last option is cutting the screw giving it a slot using a Dremel tool and a thin cutting wheel. Is that what you mean by an engraver?

Precision Screw Extractor Set Afbeelding


Precision Screw Extractor Set


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Thank you for sharing your detailed response I have purchased the recommended extractor set and will give those a try when they arrive.


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