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HP desktop released in 2012. Comes in Intel or AMD configurations.

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How can I trick the recovery media into taking a smaller hard drive?

I picked this machine up under one condition: Remove the hard drive; take the rest of it with an AMD A10-5700/12GB RAM. I intended to use this for parts, but it has a lot more potential then I originally anticipated being present, even if it’s a Win7 licensed system.

However, the problem is when I tried to do the recovery with the factory image DVDs I got with the system, it expects a same or larger hard drive - in this case I got a p7-1227c H2L95AAR, so it was a factory 2TB machine. I know it usually isn’t much more to get a 2TB and it will be fine, but after the coronavirus passes I may be able to get a 500GB-1TB drive at a pretty steep discount - possibly cheap enough it may be viable to try and make it work. I tried with an 80GB drive (7200.10) and it didn’t take - but that drive is also 1,920MB smaller so it was more of a $0 attempt if anything.

Is it possible to use a 1TB drive and get the CyberLink recovery tool to take it, or do I need to buy a 2TB drive due to the media being being impossible to trick?

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Hi @nick

Just download windows 10 installer to USB

and if you have windows 7 keys, great, you can actually used it for win10 installation.

I think is some configuration settings on the factory image that is not behaving well.

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I mean yeah that 80GB was probably way too small but the message should be clearer about what you can get away with - like a 1TB drive. All I know is the original drive has 36k hours on it so even if I could transfer the data to another drive I'd be leery of the factory one anyway - it was easier to leave it behind as the final backup. The error needs to be more useful.

The reason my tone changed is I originally was going to use it for parts since I have other better machines with similar performance and little to no work needed since the part I needed is $50+ and hard to come by, but it isn't as bad as I initially figured. I got the USB2 version for $5. I just need a USB3 adapter and I can fix it for a lot less.


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