Touchscreen and gyroscope drivers


My name is James and I have a Toshiba Satellite L35W-B3204 Laptop. A few years ago, I had issues with a game on the Microsoft store. I contacted Microsoft and re-installed Windows. In the process, the installation of the new Windows OS removed the touchscreen drivers and gyroscope drivers for my machine.

I have scoured through Toshiba’s website for the drivers (Windows 8 and 10) to no avail. I have searched through drivers through driver scape, and still no solution. I have gone through device manager and updated all my drivers (the drivers for the touchscreen, don’t exist). Same holds true for my gyroscope drivers.

Does anyone know where I can get the drivers I am looking for, or how to fix this issue?

The only way my PC works is by using the keyboard dock. If I want to use as a tablet (as it was originally designed) I can’t as I am missing those gyroscope and touchscreen drivers.

Please help.

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