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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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What tool do I need to recover a lcd/digitizer on a series 4?

Series 4 lcd and digitizer damaged, Found a working lcd/digitizer. I would like to simply swap cracked screen for good working screen but it is difficult to get the screen off working unit even after heating up and tried to stick plenty of tools in between screen and case of the watch.

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While not quite the same it follows the same design, Review this guide Apple Watch Series 3 Vervanging van het scherm You’ll need a new full display assembly, you’ll also want to carefully remove from your old watch’s display the NFC module so you can transplant it to the new display assembly if you want NFC to work.

To be clear you can’t transplant the display over to the other crystal. I know people have tried, all they get is a messed display, parts working other areas not. Spend the money getting a good assembly and don’t go cheap!

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I have another working apple watch series 4 that I simply want to get the screen off. I just need to know the best tool to remove the display without damaging it.


All I use is a sharp knife to grab the edge as the guide describes as well as heating the watch a bit to soften the adhesive a bit. No magic tools.


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