Why can't I receive calls on my s7?

I cannot receive a call on my s7… I've taken to Sprint multiple times, they fixed it twice but this 3rd time I took it to them they said they cannot fix it anymore (meaning the phone is unfixable) an that id have to get a different/new phone. Can anyone help me understand what's going on with my phone plz?

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Hi @dano357 ,

What indication do you get when you call your mobile phone number from another phone, e.g. ringtone, busy tone, recorded message (RVA) etc?

Have you checked the Call Diversion options in the Phone app settings area to make sure that all incoming calls are not being diverted immediately to somewhere else?

Have you checked your Voicemail setup to make sure that it is OK?

Try starting the phone in safe mode and check if incoming calls work OK

Can you get sms messages OK?


Just remove the 'Google account' from the phone. Settings-Accounts.

Remove your fingerprint or PIN or pattern,

Settting-> Factory Reset.


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