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AC power adapter for MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. Uses a self-aligning magnetic connector that disconnects safely when tugged. First-generation (2006-2012) MagSafe chargers have a slightly thicker, L-shaped connector. Available in 45 W, 60 W, and 85 W versions.

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How do I make a usb to magsafe 1 adapter

hi hello i have a macbook a1181 charger i cut the cord haha yes lol and im thinking about making a usb to magsafe 1 adapter but theres a problem i have a macbook charger and i stripped the wire and it looks like it has one silver wire it doesnt have more wires and my usb has a red white green black and looks like a silver wire its from a usb mouse but i need help somehow connecting the magsafe to the usb thanks

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There’s no point in doing this just go out a buy a new one.

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Agreed! This is just not possible! Voltages and the design of the chargers are very different!

Find a wastebasket... Aim... & Toss!!


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