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Having put my s7 in for a repair it came back with the following issue, it will not connect to any network or radio tower, the signal triangle has a little x on it. I tried evertything software, took it back to the shop, who fobbed me off for half a year saying the antenna was part of the screen and hed put a uk screen on my us phone. Apparently that is untrue.

The shop dont want to know now, so I took the phone apart. All i can find is that the ‘Antenna Module’ at the top is snapped in two.

My question- before i bin the thing- is the broken module responsible? To me it just looks like a bit of plastic with metalic stripes on it- the stripes are undamged…

Any clarification would be awesome.



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I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with a shady repair shop, I see this happen all of the time. Would you mind posting some pictures of the damaged components?


Hi Jesse, thanks for your commiserations, it's appreciated.

I've put the thing back together now, and don't know how to add a picture here, but it's the same part as is here. It's now in to pieces though :(


I figured it out, you can just make out the diagonal snap between the two closest metallic looking bits.



Hi, any advice? Would the snapped bit pictured stop me getting cell reception? I still get wifi


id have you check to see if you can still get imei and or wifi bluetooth at a close distance to check imei diaL *#06# if you get that then it is some sort of antenna issue


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