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Microsoft's derde generatie Xbox game console, uitgegeven op 22 November 2013.

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How to transfer data from old Xbox one hdd

Hi guys,

I have removed the Xbox one internal HDD, from my old Xbox connected it to an enclosure case and can view all files on my pc. But when I plug it into the new Xbox one it doesn’t show up? I’m thinking because it still has an operating system on and isn’t formatted as external.

My brothers gamer tag is saved on this hdd and he can’t remember the email address he used for this account. And also he wanted to try access he saved games.

I was wondering how I could transfer data from this old Xbox one hdd onto my new Xbox without having to take apart new Xbox to swap hdd’s.

Any help would be appreciated.

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you can go into disk part under command prompt and see if it gets listed as a disk. your best option if the hard drive is in good condition is to use a cloning software to another hard drive. Acronis is the software i use for cloning. The xbox hard drive its self usually pops up in my pc when i plug it in. Its formatted for ntfs And has alot of different partitions on it. You can also boot into xbox recovery with the new hard drive installed and try to install an offline xbox update from a flash drive. There is alot of youtube videos on it. Replacing a hard drive from the original xbox to the one s is the same operating system. so it should work out.

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Hdd is in perfect condition- I have plugged it in to my pc , and all the partitions come up I have copied all user content to a external hdd formatted to Xbox one. Do you think Xbox will ready the content?


the better thing to do would be to clone the drive. im assuming its most likely gunna have some weird code to tie the games to the user account on the hard drive. Kind of how programs on windows get stuck to the registry. So cloning the hard drive in my opinion might be the best option


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