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De Nintendo Switch is een draagbare spelconsole die via een dockingstation op de tv of onderweg kan worden gespeeld. Uitgebracht op 3 maart 2017.

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Please help - Console won't charge/blinking green light of death

If anybody can help, I would be very appreciative. My four year old daughter has been playing my Switch lately and kept it off the dock until the battery was fully depleted. I put it back on the dock to charge and noticed a blinking green light on the corner of it and took a nap only to wake up to see the battery didn't get any charge in the interim. I tried again to same avail and did some research online to discover "the blinking green light of death." I tried plugging the console directly into a different wall AC outlet, but nothing until it had been plugged in and sitting for about half-an-hour where the charge signal eventual came on. "All fixed," I thought and just let it charge for a few more hours. It was at 43% when I went to bed,but the charging signal disappeared. I left it in overnight to find it still at 43% in the morning..

I called Nintendo, but all repair centers are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. All local stores are sold out of the dock version of the Switch (Lites are available, but I want to option of a dock if I am going to drop more money on this). Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix??? From what I have looked up, I am going to try to answer common questions below:


  • All the AC adapters are made by Nintendo and Mod HAC-002. They also charge my pro controller without issue.
  • I've tried the hard reset option of holding down the power button for 12-15 seconds and up to 30 seconds and turning back on multiple times, but the same issues occur.
  • The charging port doesn't look damaged to the naked eye, but that is what I am afraid it is since nothing else seems to be working.
  • Along with the blinking green light on the dock, no signal is going to the TV which I figure was implied. Just wanted to be specific.
  • Not that I would, I must add that I am nowhere savvy enough to attempt to do a hardware repair myself if it in the charging port.
  • I am currently attempting to charge without the joycons attached, but that temp charge mentioned before did so with them attached.
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Try the following:

1. Complete disconnection of the Switch from the dock.

2. Disconnect the dock as well.

2a. Give it about an hour, then plug them back in.

If you're using the stock dock, this would normally get the Switch playing nice with the dock again;

3rd party docks don't all use the same power delivery systems as Nintendo's setup, some will send MORE current than normal, so those can actually blow the Power Delivery chip in the Switch.

The only real option is to repair. But the tiny chip is not something the average self-repair individual can do.

Fortunately, there are repair shops that might be able to get it done for you if Nintendo doesn't want to fix it.


I turned on my switch one day, immediately it said that an error had occurred and it turned off.

It will not charge and when I try too charge it, the green LED light flashes once.

What should I do?


This exact thing with the error and immediate shut off just happened to us too; anyone have a solution for this yet?


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same thing happened to me nintendo is being stupid with no answers or the usual Try holding the power button and let it charge for a few days and try getting a new cable i think they should replace it for free since it just happened right out of the blue one day its so stupid that nintendo does not care at all about customers or providing help for them if you are seeing this nintendo WE WANT ANSWERS.

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and by the way when you plug it in go close to the port and listen do you hear a very faint clicking sound i have no idea what thats about


Typically it is a chip on the motherboard that is either shorting or went bad.


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