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Yamaha PSR S770 won't power off with on/off switch after turning it on

Good morning,

Please I have a PSR S770, the issue is it won’t power off each time i power it on, unless I remove the adaptor for it to turn off.

Please buddies, what do you think could be the problem and possibly solution to it?

Am very open to your professional advice now. Thanks, I’m most grateful.

Best regards.

Be safe.

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hello i want to ask i have yamaha a2000 and when i recorded the song on flash they cut me and when i turned it off and on it just lights up the blue display and nothing responds you don't know what it could be


I reset the keyboard as below, pressing the button and holding it for 5-10 seconds now shuts it off!


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Does it power off if you hold the Standby/On button for more than 3 seconds? This is a force release condition.

Here’s a link to the service manual which may be of some help.

It shows in the booting flowchart on p.55 that the power on process is processor controlled, much like a computer so I would imagine that the power off process using the Standby/On button would be the same, processor controlled I mean.

Try resetting the keyboard and check if this resolves the problem in case it is corrupted data somewhere that is the cause. (see image below)

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If still no good, if possible try updating the firmware in case it is corrupted.

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The button is dirty inside or its conductive rubber is no longer as conductive.

This is a common defect. Have it replaced by a workshop or replace it yourself.

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actually I found by accident that holding power button down then push down any key then release power button then it turns off works every time so far


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