Backlight LCD IC iPod Touch 4G bad, need part and location.

Ipod touch 4g digi was cracked so i replaced the display. I connected everything and tested it to make sure it was working before i applied adhesive. The display was working.

After that i applied the adhesive and put it back together, only to find the screen extremely dim. I have seen an iPhone with a dead backlight before, and my iPod screen seems dimmer than that, possible discolored too, but it is hard to tell with the screen this dim. I tried another brand new digi/lcd and now i have the same dark screen no matter what i do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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After looking around i found some threads talking about a problem with the IC coil. Im thinking it must be that because 2 separate digi/lcds produce the same result. However, I cant find the part, its location, or anyone who has actually done it.


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