New 3DS XL - Black Screens for a random amount of time!

I had my 3DS for a long time and this has been happening for a while, but when I do anything with the 3ds like playing a game or browsing the internet or anything, both screens goes black for a random amount of time! It might go black or a short amount of time, like a few seconds, or a long period of time, like for 1-2 min or it won't go back and I have to restart my 3DS! And when I press the start, select, L, R, ZL, and ZR buttons, it does the black screen for a while or a little bit!

And when I start my 3DS, it does this for a few seconds, and I try to start a game or another app, it goes black and the game will not start!!!

I tried to find a solution to this, but I could not find any helpful answers!!! Can anyone please help me, I want to play my games! I also have little to no money, so I can’t get a repair at all!

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