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Toshiba laptop from 2011. This laptop came with a Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processor.

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Why my Laptop's screen not woking? Ext. Screen with HDMI works well.

Today, I turn On my laptop and I noticed that it show nothing on screen but OS booted well with beautiful Windows login sound. I restart it. Again I faced same issue. Than I connected it with my TV with HDMI port and TV shows it well as expected. I need some help to recoganize this problem. Is this defect in laptop’s screen or any other heating or GPU issue?

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try taking it apart and check the display connector. it’s unlikely the gpu as it can output hdmi. maybe your screen is busted. hope this helps!

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I am also thinking so. But I had some doubts. Thanks Devin for clearing my doubts. Have a nice day.


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