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Sewing is the practice of fastening two pieces of fabric together using a needle and thread. Here we will cover the fundamentals of sewing by hand and sewing machine operations.

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How can this Patagonia Toromiro backpack be repaired?

Hey there, I was wondering if and how this should be repaired? Thanks.

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Looks like your zipper ripped loose. Here’s how to replace it:

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It’s not the zipper it’s the lining


Looks like the thread has pulled loose on the banter. Spread it apart, shove the material back in and sew it up ( this can be done by hand but best done on a machine).


So you think it can be fixed? Do you recommend taking it to a tailor, seamstress, or repair shop...? I don't think I can fix this on my own.


Contact one of the local Fabric Stores as they will know everyone in the business in your area.


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