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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung 55" UHD television with model numbers UN55MU6290xxxx. Released in 2017.

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Samsung TV turns on and makes a noise but won’t turn on.

I have a 2012 Samsung UN32EH4003V.

The TV will successfully connect to power and try to turn itself on but it does not fully work. It will flash a VERY fast message saying ‘component’ & ‘no time’. It will then make a noise that sounds like a start up noise and the red light blinks.

I can’t find anyone else having this issue and I don’t know what to do.

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I would suggest that you start by leaving your tv unplugged for 5 minutes or so then plug it back in and see if it powers up and functions. If not then start by removing the back of your tv so you can take a look at the power supply board. Visually inspect the board for any damages like swollen or leaking capacitors. Samsung has had capacitor issues on many models of tvs so I’d definitely look for faulty capacitors. Here is a link that may help you determine if you have any bad capacitors.

If there is no visible damage to the power board then I suggest checking voltages with a voltage meter to make sure proper voltages are being supplied. If the voltages are not correct you know it’s an issue with the power board. If the voltages are correct then there may be an issue with the main board. The main board may have a faulty eprom chip which can cause this kind of issue as well. If the tv would stay on I would suggest updating the firmware if its not already up to date. But it doesn’t sound like it stays on for long so that likely isn’t possible. Replacing the main board would fix an eprom issue or any other issues the main board may have.

You did not say how many times the led light blinks when you try to turn it on. It would be helpful to know how many times it blinks as this may help indicate where the problem may be and may make the issue easier to diagnose.

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