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Self-priming automatic electric pumps with helical gears, produced by Marco.

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My UP6/E Marco pump is passing water into the electric motor.

Does anyone know how to get replacement part numbers for this water pump? I have the parts breakdown diagram, but it doesn’t show part numbers.

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@tenakeetom ,

I'm not sure if the "x" shown against the parts in the list means that they are available or that they are not available. To me that is a bit ambiguous as it could be read either way. Also as you say not having a part number for each part doesn't help.

Perhaps you could contact Marco and ask if the parts that you require for the pump are available or not and if so, where they can be obtained from in your location.

You can only ask and see what the response is. It never hurts to ask and only takes a little bit of time to do.

Hopefully you will get a positive response.

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Hi Thomas,

spare parts are available for all products on but you need to register to the website to be able to see them.

A replacement kit for the UP6 lip seal is available with code R6400094 and costs ~10$ excl. shipping.

If the motor is not permanently damaged you can follow the next steps to try to refurbish the pump.

You can open the pump using this guide:

After this, you have to:

  • Use sand paper on the rotor, to remove the rust. Please keep in mind that if you touch the orange wire inside you would also remove their insulation, permanently damaging the motor. Use a fine grain sandpaper and only work on the external surface, because you need a clear air gap between the rotor and the magnets. Put some WD40 on a piece of paper and clean the rotor with it: it will protect it from rust in the future. Don’t wet it too much, or it will glue all the brushes’ powder in the future.
  • Use the fine grain sandpaper on the collector. Clean it until you see that it’s almost “copper color” again, but try to do it equally on every tooth: if you sand it too much on a side and not on the other, you would unbalance it and you would create more sparks. Once you have clean it, ensure that every tooth has no metal in the hole between him and his next on both sides: you can use anything thin enough to pass in the small gap between the teeth to clean them.
  • Clean the magnets with some alcohol and paper, remove the rust, powder and anything else that could go in the airgap between the rotor and the magnets
  • If you don’t buy the brush older circuit replacement, you have to check that the ball bearing on the back is still able to rotate freely. If not, you can remove the black plastic with a thin knife, clean it inside, and add some grease to restore it as new! If you use WD40 to clean it inside, do not leave it wet because it shortens the life of the ball bearings: grease is what you want there. If you don’t change the brush older circuit, you may also want to clean it with some water (for the big part) and alcohol (as a second pass).
  • Change the lip seal with the new one and add a little grease on the inside of the seal (motor-side, not pump-side). This will help you keep the sealing tighter.

Please, make sure that everything is completely dry before assembling the pump: it’s watertight and therefore what’s in, remains inside!

After these operations, you’re ready to put the pump back in place, as described in this guide:

For any technical question, there’s Zendesk at

Hope this helps!

Marco UP Series Electric Pump Afbeelding


MARCO UP Series Pump Disassembly



5 minutes

Marco UP Series Electric Pump Afbeelding


Marco UP Series Electric Pump Assembly



10 minutes

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Hello, I had the same problem with my up6/e for 2 times in 7 years of use, both the times I had the pump repaired for free by sending it to Marco, Italy.

After the last time, I decided to change the position of the pump, which was operating vertically, to the horizontal setting. At Marco, they say it shouldn’t matter, but the problem happened two times on the bearing supporting the weight of the rotor.

Hope this helps

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