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Can I use 95% ethil alcohol instead of Isopropyl?

I cant find Isopropyl alcohol in my country. I want to make glass only repair on my galaxy s9plus. After removing outer glass can i clean adhesive on LCD using ethil 95% alcohol(ehtanol)??

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Sure you can. I use methanol. Both are more volatile than alcohols diluted with water. I use a syringe to shoot methanol under the glued in batteries on MacBook Pros. The iFixit kit uses acetone.

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I would be wary about using Ethyl alcohol to clean electronics but that is just me.

Here’s a link that may help you to decide. Although they are talking about laboratory grade Ethyl alcohol and not standard grade.

Is “rubbing alcohol” (usually available from pharmacies) available where you are? If so you may be able to find some “rubbing alcohol” products that are ~70% IPA and water which may be less risky to use on electronics than Ethyl alcohol. Just a thought.

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