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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Could I replace my old S9+ battery with a one for the S8+?

My S9+ (G965F), is now 2 years old and the battery is really bad. I would like to replace it myself, but the European iFixit store does not sell replacement batteries for the S9+ but it does sell for the S8+. Would there be a reason not to buy the S8+ battery for a replacement?

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No, you cannot replace the battery with an S8+ as it has a physically different size. There’s other websites like Mobile Sentrix, Mobile Defenders, Injured Gadgets, and Group Vertical that will have the battery for your phone. I’ve personally used those suppliers for my business doing cellphone repair.

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I think not no matter that both are 3500 mah of capacity. The S8+ the battey is taller and the S9+ the battey is wider.

Just order original one from eBay for example or some local store in your country.

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Avoid parts, especially original ones from eBay. They're used junk.


It depends on the seller. Anyway everyone have 45 days protection from eBay and addition 180 days from PayPal so in case in a problem they can always make a dispute/case to get their money back :)


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