Why does my 3DS XL turn on with sound and backlight ,but no display?

I recently replaced the top screen on my old gen 3ds xl because there was a tear in the ribbon cable. After replacing it, the console will turn on and I can hear the sounds from the main menu. The backlight of the screens turns on as well, but no video comes up on the screens. Andy idea what the problem could be?

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Check if all the cables are seated probably. Did you had the same kind of issue with the old screen in?


You may need to open it back up. Make sure everything is attached properly. Also, disconnecting the wifi chip and reattaching it may fix it.


@koppie007 I had the same issue with the old screen. The reason I replaced the screen was that the ribbon cable was torn. It looks like even though I replaced the screen the issue is persisting. I'll try reseating all the cables


@stevenjake Thank you! I'll try that


@koppie007 I went ahead and reseated all the cables. Same issue :/


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