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Uitgekomen op 4 november 2017. Model A1865, A1901. Verkrijgbaar als GSM of CDMA / 64 of 256 GB / Zilver of Space Gray. (Uitgesproken als "iPhone 10".)

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White bars on screen after repalcement!


An iPhone X was brought in by a customer with a white vertical line on the screen and faulty touch. As per usual I replaced the screen and everything was fine. However, after 2 weeks they returned with a new set of vertical white bars but with working touch this time!

Could there be a problem with the mother board that causes the screen to go bad? They claim there was no incident that could damage the screen physically.

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the first thing i would check is apple had a recall on certain iphone x models that displayed those lines. My other job we are apple certified and if that same situation happens the phone is suppose to be replaced. They should have the defective models on the apple website. If that is the case you should be able to bring it to them to get it replaced. Just remove any 3rd party parts and put the originals back on

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