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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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Is it necessary to reset the SMC after an emergency battery swap?

My 2012 MBP developed a battery bulge but in this case, I was extremely lucky that it wasn’t severe enough to hinder the replacement process and I was able to get it out as if nothing happened. In addition to timing, I also had an extra used battery I was able to rescue and get back into the game as if nothing happened.

Since I kind of lucked out and was able to replace the battery in an emergency (albeit with a used one) since I caught the trackpad bulge, do I need to reset the SMC of the Mac as well? The long term plan now is to buy a new battery, especially since I put a 839 cycle pack in - but it’s better then a broken trackpad and a fire for now.

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The issue is not so much of resetting SMC is making sure the set points are set which is why we need to calibrate the battery. So lets say yo don’t calibrate the battery over time SMC will slowly learn the limits. So then this gets into expectations! The customer (user) doesn’t want to be caught with a system that puts its self into sleep mode prematurely as well as complain the system is still broken. Which is why you should do it.

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So I should run it down to 0% to retrain the system? It caught me off guard because it was a 389 cycle battery, but just soon enough I was able to rummage a battery up before I end up with a horror show like some of the people who wait.


You may have a bad charger or the charging logic has a problem over-charging the battery.


@danj It's a genuine OEM adapter. The laptop shipped with a knockoff, but it lives in the box unused. Not discounting the possibility I need another adapter (I *think* it's under warranty) but I'm hoping that's the case. I'm seriously considering sending a message to the seller and getting rid of it... This is not cool. They ask not to say it but I'm not in the mood with a safety issue. Return and warranty the adapter.

I think it was just a bad battery because it dropped to 75% health and threw the service battery warning up nearly right away, but I was hoping it wouldn't deteriorate as fast as it did. The one I put in is known to be okay but it's at 80% health. I presume if this one expands too then I may have to send it back without the battery if the seller wants a return? I may just get a '15 Retina if finding a good '12 is going to suck.


@danj I sent the seller a message asking how to move forward with a return. I'm not dealing with this nonsense when I just got it AND the known good pack felt like it also expanded.

Also was it freaking cloned? "Could not contact the recovery server". It smells like a clone.


@danj a new question emerges. I was offered another battery, but based on what I told you what's the chances of it coming back? I told the seller I'm not so sure for the time being. I don't know why it failed - could be the board or the charger. I'm open to changing my mind, but I'm leery of it due to the context of when it failed.

If this had 800+ on it, that's different but this battery failed young - way too young. Nor did the battery even match - I got a mismatched pack. I was ready to let that go too but +38 off has to be weighed.

Per the listing:

Cycle Count-351


Full Charge Capacity-44444


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