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The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016), an Android Smartphones released by Samsung Electronics in 2016.

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Different phone speaker system humming when no music

Since im a heavy sleeper, i often used my main phone OnePlus 3t as a alarm clock while plugging the aux in to my audio system for more loudness. At night i put the system on max, and in the morning the alarm works loudly and perfectly. but when i wanted to use my other Samsung galaxy a5 phone just for the alarm clock. It starts making a humming noise in the speakers, when its not playing any audio, i could play a video with no sound and there would be no humming but when it stops, the speakers start humming again


OnePlus 3t all good

Samsung a5 humming when no sound input from phone

Is there any solution that i could use the galaxy a5 as an alarm clock while not hearing the humming noise from the speakers?

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@manttv The humming comes from what? The phone? Then it is most likely a power feedback from your aux. It will depend on how you got this all connected. Humming could also be caused by a grounding issues. Careful about feeding back into the phone since that could destroy your audio IC etc.

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The humming comes from the sound system (speakers). Its strange to me that it only starts humming in the a5 but not on my 3t was guessing that the phone headphone jack is the problem on the a5, the same issue is for my Bluetooth dongle that connects to the amp through a 3,5mm jack. So should i try looking at the headphone jack on the a5?

No humming:

When not connected

When 3t is connected with no music

When 3t, a5, Bluetooth dongle playing music(sending some signals)


When a5, Bluetooth dongle are not giving any signals for music


Speakers < amp < 3.5 mm jack for music also for the phone alarm


this does not sound like an issue with the headphone jack or your Galaxy A5. I would not mess with it. Let us know what the sound on your phone is like when you use a pair of non-amplified head/ear phones.


Hi @manttv ,

Just curious.

Are you using a 4 pole plug cable between the phones and the speaker input or a 3 pole plug cable?

To me it sounds like a earthing problem.

You could try making up a cable with only the left and right channels connected i.e. tip and ring connection only at each end with the sleeve connected at one end only to provide shielding and see if that works.


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