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Repair and disassembly guides for Casio electronic keyboards.

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How Do I Repair the USB Port

My Casio Casitone CT-S100 keyboard’s USB Micro-USB port came out. How do i repair it?

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that would be a re solder jobbie

they are fairly generic iv changed a few in the past usually four solder points, easiest to remove with a hot air gun, you’d have to take the board out put some flux on the old port, heat it up with the hot air gun and lift it with some tweezers (if it doesn’t come away add some fresh solder and try again), then clean the pads up with your soldering iron, position you’re new one on top taking care to line the pins up and re-melt the solder, add a little more and then make sure that there are no bridges

if you type into youtube micro usb replace you’ll see what i mean, not too hard but watch a video and make your own mind up

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