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Uitgekomen op 4 november 2017. Model A1865, A1901. Verkrijgbaar als GSM of CDMA / 64 of 256 GB / Zilver of Space Gray. (Uitgesproken als "iPhone 10".)

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iPhone doesn't boot when earpiece/proximity-unit is connected

Hi all,

I’ve been fixing a broken iPhone X that would bootloop as long as the earpiece/proximity-unit is connected to the logic board. I’ve ordered a replacement-part but it still does the same thing…

Also: if I connect the unit while the device is powered on it works absolutely fine. It just hinders the booting-process somehow…

Anybody experiences something similar?

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what was the original problem on the device?


@soros phone would bootloop


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I’ve had the same thing happen to me on an iphone 7. In my case it turned out the screen was faulty. and replacing it caused the phone to return to normal function.

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This didn’t fix the issue, unfortunately. I’ve replaced the screen and it still bootlooped. :(


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