MacPro3,1 power issue? boot up issue? BR drive issue?

I ran 2 SATA cables from the MB to the drive bay so I can put a SSD as boot and a blu-ray drive there. I tried once using a Y splitter power but it won’t work. Once the Y splitter power with one device and another power adapter to another, both the SSD and the BR work. And I have a HDD on the drive bay 1 and a USB HDD, they all work.

I put another drive into the HDD BAY 2 and the system won’t boot, there is no beeps. Once I remove the drive then it boots. I put the new drive into the USB and it works. so I guess the drive is not defective, once I formatted in the USB enclosure and I put it back to HDD Bay 2, and again no boot.

after some troubleshooting I put the SSD into the Drive Bay using some adapter to mount, hoping it’s some power issue on the 5 1/4 drive bay. But it won’t boot up, not until I unplug the BR drive power. It’s like it’s either the BR or another drive they won’t work together in all. I don’t know if it’s some power issue. I used to run a second drive in the HDD drive bay but somehow the drive got corrupted. It took me a while to get a replacement. I don’t even remember if I got the BR and SSD running back then together.

But as of now, I can’t seem to get the BR and all the drive running all at once. If I connected the BR, then I can’t connect another HD in the drive bay, it won’t boot at all.

It’s a lot and it’s an old system with patch to the OS… . Just see if someone has similar experience to share.

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