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SodaStream Source is een nieuwe manier om thuis frisdrank te maken, waarmee je je drank kunt personaliseren en alleen de drankjes kunt maken die je wilt, zonder alle extra flessen.

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I've moved countries and the gas canisters no longer fit my SodaStream

New Zealand SodaStreams have a different thread for gas canisters. I’d rather continue using my existing machine than buy a new one. Where can I get a replacement part to allow me to use the local gas canisters?

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@cmyplay Did you find a solution? I'm having the same problem.


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cmyplay try a local hardware store and see if there is an adapter for the different threads. If that is not an option, any decent machine shop could actually build one for you. Of course you could always check locally for a broken SodaStream and harvest a replacement part from that

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