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How to fix the seventh generation of Honda's compact car.

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When I parked the car it was running fine I went to start it the next

So I replaced the terminal and then I reconnected the battery and the horn start blowing it were not turn off like an alarm or something so I had to disconnect the battery again but it won't turn over or nothing not worn even light of the dashboard or anything but could be is in a shut off switch and alarm switch or something

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christopher Ruffino have you checked your repair. Terminal still good. Battery still good? Have you checked your main fuse? there should be something like a 40-100 Amp fuse. What exact model and year is your Civic


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You may have triggered the alarm system when you disconnected the battery. I’ve had this happen on a few vehicles in the past and typically all that needed to be done was by pressing the unlock button on the remote or something like that. But definitely check the cables and check the fuses to make sure you didn’t blow any.

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